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Hello, I am Clark Huckaby, a musician, audio electronics technician, and recording engineer with an affinity for vacuum tubes. I play a little fiddle and mandolin, and enjoy designing, building, and modifying audio electronic gear. Much of this web site describes some older projects (up to 2004) from my tenure at Transient Sound, New Haven CT. However, the balance is shifting such that, as of my latest update (June 1, 2014), most of the more detailed and interesting pages represent new content.

What's Somewhat New? I developed an approach to finding new sounds by time-compressing recorded infrasonic phenomena. This special recording channel is called an "Infrasonicon" and you can learn more about it on its own web site: I've recently added complete technical details of the hardware and software there, and a few sidebar articles, with more in the pipeline. 

What's Brand New at

Contact me using the following email address. It's an image so that humans, not spam-bots, can read it. Sorry you'll have to type it into your email applicaltion rather than just clicking on it. In return for this inconvenience, I promise not to spam you back.

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More content and organization may be comming up, which might include:

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